Final Major Project · Research

New Inspiration

Over the past few weeks I’ve been having tutorials to help with my FMP and I’ve been given some new artists to look at for inspiration. My project is heading in a slightly different direction now – instead of focusing on walkers and adventurers in the landscape like I have done so far, I am going to focus more on myself within a familiar place with which I have a personal connection. I have chosen the Lake District as this is where I consider to be my home and thinking about it makes me quite sentimental!

Two artists that I have looked at recently are Jitka Hanzlová and Elina Brotherus. In Hanzlová’s project ‘Forest’ she explores a place she regularly spent time in during her childhood and represents the forest as a vital life source and an important part of the local community. I’d like to do something similar to this with the Lake District and photograph the details from a locals point of view rather than a tourist. Here are some of Hanzlová’s images that I think are really beautiful:

The second artist I’ve looked at is Elina Brotherus and her self portraits. I really like the idea of shooting some more self portraits in the mountains but not wearing walking gear, just ordinary clothes. Some of the images I have done so far could be seen as quite commercial and almost like an advertisement for the walking gear, so I think shooting in normal clothing will be more romantic and artistic. These are some of my favourite images by Brotherus:

I’m really excited to try out some images like this – I love walking and I enjoyed doing some self portraits last time I was at home so this will be quite a fun experiment I think!

For this project I have decided to hire out one of the Mamiya medium format cameras from uni to test out over the Christmas holidays. As it’s been about 2 years since I last used a Mamiya it could be quite interesting trying to figure out how to use one again! I will also have the issue of trying to lug it up mountains with me which could be tricky as they are quite chunky and heavy! My one other issue is that I will have to take a change of clothes with me because I won’t be able to hike comfortably in a dress or jeans, and hopefully nobody else will be around while I’m trying to change outfits!

All in all, I think this could be a really interesting route to take my project and I’m looking forward to putting a more personal slant on things and exploring the area in a lot more detail. It means I will be out every day (or as many as possible!) and will be spending huge amounts of time in each location to really be able to look at the surroundings and get a proper feel for the area. I’m also going to be using a tripod more often than before and will be trying out different angles and compositions. I will also try and photograph at all times of the day for a range of different lighting situations. To do this I will need to motivate myself to go out more places on my own as in the past I have sometimes relied on someone else being able to come with me for company and to help carry my equipment.

I will be heading back to the Lakes in a few more weeks so until then I will be looking for more inspiration and will be busy planning out routes, locations, and outfits for my shoots!

I will keep you posted on my progress…



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