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Semester Finale

This week brings a close to my first term of final year, and what a way to end it! The interim show proved to be a success on Tuesday night and a lot more people came than I had imagined! Conversations flowed and the drinks went down maybe a little too well, but overall it was a great night and the perfect end to a relatively stressful term!

At first I was unsure what image I wanted to put forward for the exhibition as I have recently decided to take a different turn with my FMP. However, Richard said to us that at this stage we should just choose the picture that we “like the most”  – basically we didn’t need to explain to anyone why we chose to exhibit our images. I decided to go with an image I took the last time I was back in the Lakes, on a walk up to Alcock Tarn above Grasmere and Rydal.

Alcock Tarn_48

I love the way the shape of the tarn leads the eye in to the scene, and also the way the sky is contrasted between sunny and stormy (classic Lake District weather)!

I printed my image on A1 matte photo paper and I have to be honest that I was a bit concerned at how well it would print as I’ve never taken my images above A3 before! Luckily, the quality was great and I’m happy that I chose this image to exhibit as I think it looked quite eye-catching up on the wall.




After the opening night, I helped look after the exhibition space on Wednesday during the day – it was a lot quieter but there were the odd few people who still came to have a look around and they all complimented us on the quality of the work up on the walls which was nice to hear!

The show has now been packed up and tomorrow is the last official day of term when many of us will start heading home for the Christmas season. During the next 4 weeks before returning to uni I will be busy finishing off the last chapters of my dissertation, and (hopefully) will make some progress with my FMP and the new ideas I have to try out. Not forgetting my long-awaited trip to Iceland on the 10th January which I’m sure I will bring back a ton of photos to share with everybody!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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