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This week was our first week at uni after the Christmas break, and after a nightmare trying to get back to Huddersfield (involving a lot of snow, ice and a missed lecture) I finally managed to get there in time for my one-on-one tutorial with Richard on Tuesday!

I hadn’t shown my work to any of the tutors for a couple of weeks before breaking up for the holidays due to 1) lack of time to go home to the Lakes and shoot, and 2) the fact I’d reached a bit of a wall with my work. I felt like I still had no idea where my project was going, or what I was really trying to say with my images. However, as mentioned in my previous post, I have turned a very large corner with my FMP over the last few weeks and finally feel like I’m progressing!

My images look a lot different to my first shoots for this project, and they really aren’t the sort of images I’d imagined myself making during my final year but I’m pretty happy with the way they have turned out so far. I’ve turned my focus away from wide, sweeping, dramatic landscape shots to more intimate details showing the essence of a landscape and portray the experience of being there, rather than just showing what the view looks like.

A couple of examples from my most recent shoot are below:

Before my tutorial I was a little bit nervous as I’d not shown this different style of work to anyone before so I was unsure how well it would go down. In the end it went down very well! The feedback I was given was really positive and we spoke about trying to print some of the images larger to look at all the details in them, and we also discussed making the project into a book.

My next steps are to continue shooting in this style, concentrating on truly looking at places in depth and spending a lot of time in each location to get to know them all a lot better. I plan to travel back to the Lakes every other week between Wednesday and Sunday (when we’re not in uni) and spend the weeks in between processing the images and working on the design of my book.

I’m very excited to keep this project going and see what the end results come out like!

I will keep you posted as it progresses even more…



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