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Africa Geographic Competition

I recently entered the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year competition which I discovered through an advert on Facebook. I have followed Africa Geographic for a while now and love reading their articles and I dream of the day I can return to the continent that stole my heart!

In January 2015 I spent 2 weeks of my placement year volunteering in a wildlife rehabilitation centre in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, and it was one of the best experiences of my life! Three things I am hugely passionate about are photography, travelling, and animals so being able to mix all three into one amazing adventure was just perfect!

When I saw Africa Geographic advertising a photo competition I jumped at the chance to enter with some of my favourite images from my trip. Here are the ones I chose:


The theme was a ‘celebration of Africa’ and the 3 categories were:

1. Wildlife
2. Traditional Culture
3. Travel/Scenic

I submitted all 3 of my images to the wildlife category. The competition is open up until May so I won’t hear back from them for a while – fingers crossed I get somewhere with it!



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