If you’ve been following my blog for the last few months you might remember my post back in October saying how excited I was to be going to Iceland at the beginning of January. Well I’ve now been back in England for a couple of weeks and I’ve finally had chance to reflect back on my adventures!

To describe Iceland in one word: breathtaking. As soon as we touched down at Keflavik Airport I was hooked and knew that I was going to love it there…and how right I was! The scenery is stunning – so vast and open, with mountain ranges seemingly appearing from nowhere and thundering waterfalls hidden away in valleys waiting to be explored. In the months leading up to my trip I had immersed myself in photographs shared by people on Instagram, looking for inspiration and also to help build up a list of places to visit while I was there. One of my favourite photographers whose images amazed me was Chris Burkard. He captures the essence of adventure perfectly in his pictures, and every single one (whether of Iceland or not) made me want to travel more and explore some of these stunning places myself.

Some of my favourite examples of his work from Iceland are below:

These photos really inspired me and encouraged me to make the most of my time in Iceland and to try and capture the landscape in a unique way. I’m really pleased with how my photos have turned out – especially those of the Northern Lights! The Aurora is something I have longed to witness since I was a little girl, first hearing about them on one of the many wildlife documentaries I used to watch. To witness them in real life was the most amazing experience, and to be able to capture a decent photo of them was a huge bonus!

Here are a few of my personal favourites, all taken by myself in Iceland:

panorama 6Iceland_447Iceland_275Iceland_403Iceland_79Iceland_347Iceland_488Iceland_102Iceland_545Iceland_335

For a while now I’ve tried to imagine my life after university and the different careers I could take, and one idea that keeps coming back to me is working as a travel photographer. It’s not as easy as it sounds and it would be a lot of hard work, plus the work may not be an all-year-round thing, maybe just the odd freelance job for a magazine or a travel company. However, combining my two passions – travel and photography – seems like the ideal way to earn a living! Photographers like Chris Burkard, and also Andy Best (whose work I have spoken about in previous posts) remind me that no matter how hard it might be to get into that line of work, it is still possible!

I entered the Travel Photographer of the Year competition a few months ago (unfortunately not making it through to the finalists) so for now I will continue to look for inspiration and keep an eye on any more interesting competitions that I could take part in to get my work out there!





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