Lakeland Photography Prize

Last month I entered a competition called the Lakeland Photography Prize which I’d seen advertised on Instagram. I saw the advert really last minute and submitted my images a few hours before the deadline, and didn’t really expect to hear anything back – I’ve not had any luck in past competitions so why would this have been any different, right? Wrong! A few weeks after entering I received an email saying one of my photos had been awarded a Special Mention in the competition! There was no physical prize but my image has been featured on their website and the judges also interviewed me via email which is now up on their blog here!

My winning image of Lake Windermere, taken from the top of Gummers How

This competition has given me a bit more confidence and has encouraged me to enter as many as possible! Even when you think you won’t get anywhere with your entry, you never know what might happen…someone has to win! And even if you don’t win a prize, the recognition and exposure your image might get is priceless!


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