Wildlife Photographer of the Year

I recently put forward some images for Wildlife Photographer of the Year. This is a competition that has interested me for years, but costing £30 to enter I have never gone for it in the past.

The competition is run by the Natural History Museum and has now been going for 51 years! There’s a huge range of categories ranging from Wildlife, Macro, Landscapes, and Documentary style. The finalists have their images on show in the Natural History Museum before the exhibition takes a worldwide tour. One of the places the exhibition has stopped in the past is Kendal Museum – my hometown! I have visited the show on 2 separate years now and both times I was blown away with the work!

Wildlife photography is something that I have a huge interest in. I have always been an animal lover and enjoy watching documentaries and films about wildlife, seeing up close how they live. I also studied for a short course in Darwin and Evolution through the Open University while I was still in school and since then I’ve just been fascinated with the natural world. I think this curiosity has played a part in my desire to travel the world now that I’m older, and to see some of this wildlife for myself, and of course to try and capture it on my camera!

If someone asked me to describe my dream job it would be to work as a wildlife photographer/videographer and travel the world to capture all sorts of animal on film. Entering competitions like these are a great way to get exposure and also encourage you to work to a higher standard. I decided to enter a range of photos into different categories including landscapes from Iceland, wildlife in South Africa, and a few other images from around the UK. Here are my entries:

panorama 6


Light Up The SkyGeysirsBoat RideCurious RobinIn a BubblePerchedHide and Seek



Those through the first stage of judging will be contacted towards the end of March/beginning of April – fingers crossed!


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