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Textbook Studio Workshop

Earlier this week we had a very interesting meeting with Chris from Textbook Studio about the process of designing and printing a catalogue for our graduate exhibition show in June.


Chris spoke about the process of working closely with designers to make the book more of a collaboration to show off both our own photography work and also the skills of the designer. We were shown a range of example books to give us some ideas on layout, paper type and binding techniques to get us thinking about how we’d like our catalogue to look…







Overall I found the workshop really interesting and it opened my eyes to all the different possibilities and choices there are when designing a book. It also got me thinking about a few ideas for my own photo book that I hope to create for the exhibition. It was great to be able to see the books in real life and get hands on the see how each different paper and design really looks and feels.

I am definitely going to look into working with a designer for my individual photo book now instead of maybe one of the online companies – working closely with a designer will hopefully allow me to have more control over the layout etc. and make it more personal and unique compared to something churned out from an online template.


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