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Recent Shoots

Recently I have been returning to Lakes on a weekly basis shooting as much as possible for my FMP. When I last posted about my project I had just begun to look at photographing the details of a landscape to give an ‘insiders’ view of usually very touristy places. I have continued with this style of photography but have also started to look into the effects that the recent flooding has had on the land. This has become a subtle, underlying theme behind my images and so far I’m really enjoying it!

In one of my tutorials last month it became obvious that I had photographed a lot of water, but it hadn’t been intentional! It was purely because there was still a lot of sitting water left behind from the floods, which brought to my attention how the area has really been affected by the recent events. Many roads, pathways, fields, bridges and even housing estates were hit so badly that many are still closed for repairs 3 months after the first of the floods back in December. I decided to document how the land in the Lakes has been altered by the floods, but not in a really obvious way. This means staying away from ‘Road Closed’ signs and fallen down bridges and veering more towards the abstract or the less obvious signs of flood damage. This has included photographing things such as reflections in puddles that wouldn’t usually be there, and debris that has been caught up in tree branches that people might over look.

Here are a few images from some of my recent shoots:

Aside from photographing how water has changed the land I have also done some images to try and symbolize how the local communities have pulled through the disaster and that there is still life in the Lakes, despite many people thinking the whole area is closed off at the moment…

My next steps are to go through every shoot I have done so far and begin the editing process. I am happy with what I have seen from my images but I need to go through them thoroughly and start thinking about how they will sit together as a body of work. I aim to create a book with this project so during the next few weeks and over the Easter break I will be busy deciding on book layouts, image sequencing, and which printing company to go with.

Lots of decisions to be made so watch this space for updates!


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