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The Shipping Forecast

Last week Liam recommended a book to me called ‘The Shipping forecast’ by Mark Power. It was his first photo book and it shows a series of images taken in all 31 sea areas around Britain, captioned with the shipping forecast for the day each one was taken. It’s quite an interesting body of work and is relevant to my own project as they are both very much focused on the weather and representations of place. Power’s work is questioning the ideas people make about “far-flung places” that they only ever hear about during the shipping forecast on the radio. I suppose many people imagine these places to be mystical and grand, and like something from ancient mythology – sandy beaches with hidden caves where fisherman and pirates prepare to take to the stormy seas. However, Power shows these places to be just as ordinary as other places in Britain, with people living their lives the same as the rest of us.






Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 16.52.15

I love the more abstract shots that he has included of the horizon line, and the ripples on the water – I have included images like this in my own project and this is where I think they both become quite similar in representing place. I am hoping to represent a different view of the Lake District, one that is far from the ordinary touristy views that people associate with it. By photographing details in the land and the water I am trying to open people’s eyes to the place and show that there is more to it than just pretty landscape scenes. One image where I noticed some similarity between mine and Power’s work is below:

Power’s image
Sizergh Castle 1
My image

Although they don’t look identical I think the darkness of the images and the tones are very similar and in my opinion both images convey a gloomy feeling, almost as though a storm is just about to begin. There is also a sense of mystery and unease – that feeling of not knowing what lies beneath the surface of the water!

Overall I have found this book a very useful source of research for my project. I will now start to look into the weather reports that were released around the time of the flooding to see if I can tie any of it in to my own book…




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