Adobe Certified Associate Program

This morning we had a talk about the Adobe Certified Associate Program that our university is offering to photography and design students. It is a way to get a professional certification in one Adobe program of your choice, which is valid for 3 years if you are successful.


The program consists of a 40 minute exam, mainly with multiple choice questions but also with some simulation questions and drag & drop exercises. I think gaining this extra qualification would be really useful especially when applying for jobs after graduating as it shows you have a professional understanding of an Adobe program which is very important in the creative industry! I have put my name down for the Photoshop certification as this is the program which I have the most experience in and will most likely continue to use in the future. I have recently got into using Lightroom a lot more for editing but at the moment I know a lot more about Photoshop and think a certification in that program will be more beneficial to me. Those of us that have put our names down for the program are waiting to be sent details about past papers and revision material and then we can begin to prepare for the exam, which can be taken any time up until the end of July. This is really good as it means we can sign up now, continue with all our deadlines and exhibition work, and then come back to the exam after our uni work is done with. You need at least 75% to pass the exam and if you are successful you gain the ACA badge (above) along with a badge in whichever program you have specialised in – in my case this would be Photoshop.


I am very excited about this great opportunity that uni are giving us! Being able to leave here with not only a degree but a professional recognition of my Photoshop skills would be extremely helpful when applying for jobs and would automatically put me above other candidates that don’t have that extra qualification on their CV.



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