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Today David came in to talk to us a bit more about the BIPP and the qualifications they offer to students. I have been thinking for a while now about submitting a wedding portfolio to the BIPP as I feel this is the area of photography where the qualification may be of the most use for me – if people see that I have been recognised by a professional organisation then they are probably more likely to book me for their wedding photography!



To apply all you need is a portfolio of about 20-25 images which can be either a printed portfolio or it can even be in a PDF format. The assessor will come to the university and will chat to each candidate for about 10 minutes then look over their portfolio to finally decide whether they have qualified or not. I think this is something I definitely want to pursue – if you are successful you get a certificate which would be another great addition to my CV and portfolio when applying for jobs after graduation. I have put my name down for David to contact us after Easter about meeting up to start looking through portfolios and getting things ready for submission. As I said, it is my wedding photography that I will most likely submit and I have 3 weddings coming up between March and May this year so hopefully I can make some strong new work to add to my portfolio. Here’s a small selection of images that I have already got which could potentially be part of my submission:

I am looking forward to creating some new images over the next few months and then talking to David about my final portfolio. Look out for a future post about my progress with the submission…


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