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Group Seminar

This weeks group seminar was a really helpful one with some great feedback on my latest FMP work and ideas for my book layout. Yesterday morning after the Adobe and BIPP talks we had past student Alex Stapleton come in and tell us about her experience in final year. Alex graduated last year and she gave us some really good advice about finishing uni and applying for jobs afterwards – it was really good to hear things first hand from a student who has been in our exact position themselves and knows how we’re feeling!

Alex stuck around after her talk and took part in my group seminar, offering her own ideas and opinions on our projects. It was really helpful to hear feedback from someone who has never seen my work before – my fellow students and tutors have all seen this idea grow from the beginning so having a fresh pair of eyes look at my images was really valuable.

My main focus in this weeks presentation was the layout for my photo book. Alex gave some really good advice on how a photo book need a rhythm and you should try and include different types of images to make it more interesting for the audience. For example, I could begin with a landscape image then go into closer detail shots, then bring it back out with a ‘rhythm changer’ image, e.g. another landscape shot or a different angle / subject matter.

It was agreed within the group that using water as a main theme in this project works really well. I spoke about how I wanted to photograph the Lake District and reflect on my childhood memories there, but explore how the landscape has changed and is still changing now – partly as a result of the recent floods. Using water as a metaphor for a constantly changing place could produce a really interesting final body of work so this is something I am going to work really hard on over the next few weeks.

Here are a few of my latest images that I presented this week:

Sizergh Castle 1Sizergh Castle 2Tarn Hows 131Tarn Hows 65Tarn Hows 113Tarn Hows 114Tarn Hows 117Grizedale 19M_001396

After a really positive session of feedback I will be continuing with this theme of water in the landscape and have planned to take the medium format Mamiya back with me over Easter to get in as many shoots as possible!





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