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Print Workshop

This week we had a mini workshop about printing options for our final exhibition. We looked at some paper samples sent over by Metro Imaging to get a feel for the different types of paper available to us. There was such a wide range, with loads of different weights to choose from too!


The 2 paper types that caught my eye were the Hahnemuhle Photorag 308 gsm and the Canson Infinity Photosatin 270 gsm. The Photosatin has a sheen to it which I think could work well with my images of water, but the Photorag is supposed to be an excellent paper for landscape photography according to Richard.

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on paper for our final prints but the most important thing to think about is which paper will hold the most colours for our chosen images. If my chosen image to print is outside the colour space of the paper then the final prints will look very different to how they should do!

Another thing to consider is mounting and framing and whether or not you think your images will benefit from different types of framing or will work better without. At the moment I haven’t decided which image (or images) I would like to display so I can’t decide on framing just yet – I think it’ll depend on the final image!

Looking at all these paper types has got me quite excited and the exhibition now feels a bit more real – I’m really looking forward to getting things going with it. The next stage is to find an exhibition venue! …




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