Wedding USB

As my first wedding of the season is now only days away I have been doing loads of research into better quality presentation products for my business. The main issue I have come across in the last few months is that couples are now asking about USB’s more often, and many seem to prefer this option to the usual disc of images that I usually provide. I had never really though about providing USB’s to couples before as I personally always though a disc looked better, printed with the best image of the day onto the front and presented in a simple black leatherette box. However, after researching around 10 different companies I finally came across 3XM Solution.

I instantly loved the look of their products – they are simple, elegant and very professional looking. A lot of companies I had previously looked at seemed cheap and a bit tacky which wouldn’t give myself a very good image if I chose to use their products! As my logo and website have quite a minimalistic theme I thought 3XM seemed to fit the best with my style, and seeing as they cater for professionals only I knew they would be of high quality.

One thing I really liked about 3XM is that you can design your own USB pack – they already have a huge range to choose from (including crystal and wood USB’s) but with the personalised option you can choose everything right down the the colour of the USB and the pattern on the presentation bag! There is also the option to put your own logo on the USB or just onto the box which looks great and very professional.

I decided to design my own pack which includes an 8GB crystal USB in an ivory box (with a black felt cushion inside), with my logo on the box and an ivory striped gift bag to put it all in. Here’s the finished product…

Wedding USB-8

I am really pleased with the final product! It looks really elegant and the colour scheme works well with my style and website. The only issue I have found is that the logo on the box is ever so slightly pixelated if you look closely enough. I am hoping this won’t be an issue for now, but just in case I have designed and uploaded a better quality PNG of my logo to 3XM and ordered a second USB pack – if the new one looks better and arrives in time then I will use this one for my upcoming wedding and keep the other as a sample for future couples to look at.

Wedding USB-2Wedding USB-3Wedding USB-10

I will definitely be ordering from 3XM again and maybe in the future I will look into some of their other products such as client galleries and print presentation boxes!


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