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Final Draft Book

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the first proper draft book I had put together for my FMP. Since then, the book has changed so many times that I’ve actually lost count how many versions there have been! The cover, title and size of the book have stayed the same but the layout and images have been altered quite a bit. I have cut out a fair amount of images from the original draft that I didn’t think were adding anything to my project, and I have also added new ones that I have taken more recently. I found it quite difficult at first to sequence my images – there had to be a reason why they were in that order and I couldn’t seem to get my head around it. After many frustrating evenings of ripping out pages and rearranging everything I finally started to see a narrative coming together.

At first I was sorting my images in the order they were taken but that didn’t seem to help tell the story of the storm like I wanted them to. So I decided to try and group them into 3 sections – before, during, and after the floods. I began ordering them based on the content. Before the storm were images of calm water and bright skies, slowly turning darker and cloudier. Then during the storm were images of rushing water, puddles and raindrops, with after the storm being images of debris followed by the sky becoming brighter and sunnier again. However, it still felt as if it was missing something and some of the pictures didn’t sit right together. Eventually I came up with a better plan – to group the photos according to their colours, with the darkest and gloomiest representing the height of the floods.

Soon enough I was beginning to see a real narrative form and the book felt like it had more of a rhythm. I also wrote a few short paragraphs explaining my ideas behind the project. Initially this was just to help me get my head around what I wanted to achieve with my book, but I decided I would include it as a sort of introduction.

Below is the final draft which I have now ordered with Blurb and eagerly await its arrival…


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