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Exhibition Catalogue

This morning we had a meeting about all sorts of things – hand in, final presentations, exhibition prints…basically a lot of information to take in! One subject we talked about was the exhibition catalogue. We had a workshop a few months ago with Chris Shearston from Textbook Studios in Manchester about working with them to design and create our catalogue. Since then I have been so caught up with finishing my FMP that I sort of forgot about this and pushed it to the back of my mind! Since that first meeting our ‘catalogue team’ have kept in touch with Textbook and they have now sent us a draft PDF copy with different ideas for page layouts. It looks great so far – it’s very simplistic and classy and the idea of having full double page spreads for some photos works really well and makes sure all the attention is on the images, and not distracted by too much text.


Our final images and artists statement need to be handed over to the guys at Textbook by 6th May – that’s just over 3 weeks away. I think I know which image I’d like to submit so that’s not too much of a problem right now…

My chosen image for the catalogue

The main issue is fundraising. We worked out that we all need to raise at least £100 each to be able to fund the exhibition catalogue and as far as I’m aware we haven’t yet started this! The next few weeks will be busy enough finishing off everything for the hand in that it’s going to be really tough finding the time for fundraising too! Despite this, I’m pretty confident that we’ll manage it and come away with a fantastic catalogue to show off all our hard work. Let the fundraising begin!



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