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Size Testing!

So today I picked up some test prints I ordered from uni to try out 3 different sizes for my exhibition print. I ordered an A2, A1 and an A0 and I’m struggling to decide on which one I prefer!

A1 and A2

I’ve ruled out A2 because I feel this size would be more suitable if I was going to print a series of images as it’s quite small once you hang it up on the wall. The struggle is choosing between A1 and A0.

My  first thoughts when seeing the A0 were that it looked amazing! I’ve never printed any of my work this size before and it was great to see it so big! But as I started to look closer it looks as though I’ve lost a little bit of detail in some places. However, my image is one that you would look at from a distance anyway, so maybe it wouldn’t me too much of a problem? I had my heart set on printing A0 because I think the image could really benefit from being that bit bigger and it looks great being so big on the wall by itself.

Putting the size of A0 into context

A1 is a fair bit smaller but the loss of detail isn’t as easy to spot, not that I think people would be looking that closely anyway. The other upside to printing A1 is that it’s cheaper. I have also been thinking a bit more about mounting – I had originally thought I would mount on 5mm Foamex as it has good reviews on theprintspace and is rigid, durable, and affordable. However, Liam suggested today that I consider Diabond as it is less likely to get damaged compared to Foamex. The problem is that Diabond costs nearly double what Foamex costs and I’m on a pretty tight budget! Also, when going onto theprintspace to calculate prices it says A0 is too large to mount onto Diabond, which means if I did decide to use it then I would have no choice but to go smaller with my print.

I really can’t decide what to do and hate feeling restricted by my budget! My plan is to take my test prints to my tutorial with Richard tomorrow and see what advice he can give…


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