Final Major Project · Prints

Comparing print sizes

This morning I met with Richard to show him my test prints and see what he thought about each one. He agreed that the massive size of the A0 was fantastic and has a much higher impact than the smaller sizes, although the semi-gloss paper brings out the colours better than the matte and makes the blacks a lot darker.


We agreed that A0 is the size I should go for and it’s worth losing that tiny bit of detail for the sheer impact the image has. Richard also suggested thinking about C-type papers, especially the matte. I hadn’t really thought about this as I always had it in my head that I wanted to print on giclee, but it’s certainly something I will consider. He also said I could probably get away without mounting it and just pinning up the image for a simplistic look. Not only will this save me a lot of money but it will also be so much easier to transport  rolled up!


My next step will be to meet up with either Richard or Liam again and go through the different mounting and paper options and decide what will look best with the budget that I have, but A0 is definitely the size I’m going for with my final print.


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