Applying to Exhibit

Today I submitted my FMP project to a local art gallery to see if I can exhibit my work there. The gallery is called the Brewery Arts Centre and is in my hometown of Kendal. I’ve been visiting the centre for years for various different things – the cinema, theatre, art shows, music concerts, and also their restaurant/bar. It’s got a great sense of community and seems to exhibit a lot of work from local artists.

Liam has been encouraging me to contact local galleries to see if any are interested in exhibiting my work. With my project being linked to the recent flooding in Cumbria I thought places in and around Kendal would have a greater interest, especially as I am a local myself. At the moment I have only applied to The Brewery as I’d rather take it one gallery at a time.

I followed the simple submission process which involved emailing them an artists statement saying what my work is about, a sample of at least 10 images from the project (I sent them 12), a description of how I would hang the work and a copy of my CV. The process was so easy and they replied to me on the same day to let me know they had received the submission. They also told me their arts committee are meeting next month so all the info has been passed on to them to discuss in this meeting. They will then decide whether or not my application has been successful and let me know the outcome.

The Brewery would be a great place to exhibit so I really hope I am successful! Not only would plenty of locals see the work but the centre is popular with people all over the country – and also globally as they often host events and festivals that showcase talent from around the world! In the exhibitor info pack I read before submitting it said that the centre would cover the cost of insuring the work, installation, labelling, marketing and promotion – all I would have to pay for is the actual printing and mounting. This could be quite expensive, but I have quickly done some research for arts funding in Cumbria and luckily found a great website called Cumbria Community Foundation. The site lists different grant programs you can apply for, and there’s a simple search process to find grants that are suited to what you need. After a quick search I found a potential grant I could apply for if need be, which would allow me £500 if I was accepted.

Fingers crossed The Brewery will get back to me next month with some good news but until then I will continue to search for other galleries to apply for if this one doesn’t work out.


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