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Deluge – Final Version

As well as my exhibition print arriving I have also now got my hands on the final copy of my book! The gloves were back on as I unwrapped the packaging (don’t want any fingerprints!) and the final book was revealed! I’m really pleased with it – it’s a lot smaller than the dummy book and feels a lot better. The decision to remove nearly half of the images was a good one after all!

Most of the book is similar to the dummy except the cover image is now full bleed, the layout has been slightly changed around, and some of the images are also full bleed within the book.


I chose the same paper (premium lustre) because I like the feel of it and the very slight gloss it has. I also kept the grey end sheets and the same opening/closing quotes from Wordsworth.


For the price I paid  (£30 including 40% discount!) I’m very happy – if I didn’t have such a tight budget I would have loved to get a designer involved to help with the layout, and also go to a printer/binder and work closely with them to really make the book unique. I wanted a plain fabric cover with the title embossed onto it but I actually like the way the hard cover has turned out with the image on it – I definitely prefer it full bleed compared to the one with a border!

With final hand in only 2 weeks away I can now stop worrying about prints and books arriving on time and get to work refining my research journals and practising my final presentation…


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