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Exhibition Final Print

My final exhibition print has arrived at last! It was a very tense moment opening the tube and carefully unwrapping the protective paper (complete with my winter gloves for extra protection against fingerprints!), but eventually the print was out. I had been quite worried that the colours wouldn’t quite be right as I had some issues with calibrated monitors and colour profiles, but luckily the image has come out how I expected!


I only took a quick photo then put it straight back in the tube so it didn’t get damaged, but I’m really pleased with it!

In the end I went for an A0 print onto the Hahnemuhle Pearl paper, unmounted and with a thin white border. When looking at my test strips I hadn’t been too sure about the Pearl paper and was dead set on using the Photo Rag, but when discussing all the options with Liam he suggested going for something less delicate than the Photo Rag, unless it will be protected by a frame. I knew I didn’t want to frame my print so I reluctantly ruled out the Photo Rag and instead we started to look at the Pearl paper. It has all the colour richness of the Photo Rag but with a pearl coating for protection, which also adds a very slight gloss to it. After a lot of deliberation we decided to go for the Pearl paper with a white border so it can be pinned straight onto the wall. I decided to go unmounted mainly to save on cost. Liam and Richard both agreed that the scale and quality of the print were more important, and it was perfectly OK for me to just pin it up. This was a relief as it allowed me to choose one of the more expensive papers to get a better quality image, and it also meant I didn’t have to compromise on the size of the print.

Now that my print has arrived I’m really excited to see what the exhibition will look like – there’s going to be such a huge range of stuff up but I think it’ll make a very interesting show!


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