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Catalogue Kickstarter!

Last Friday we had to submit our final images and artist’s statement to Textbook Studios for the exhibition catalogue they’re designing for us. On the same day, we also had to transfer at least £120 each that we had fundraised to help bring the catalogue to life. About 3 weeks before this deadline I decided to set up a Kickstarter page for the whole group – Kickstarter is a page where you can write about your ideas for a project, your fundraising goal, and rewards people can expect to get if they support your project. People can then back you with donations and if you reach your minimum goal then the project can be funded!

I set the page up with the intention of us all working together on it to raise the total amount needed (approx £3000) but I put the goal at £120 as I didn’t want to put it too high, fail to reach it, then get no money to put towards the catalogue (Kickstarter is all or nothing – don’t reach your goal, you get nothing). However, after setting the page up and sharing the link on Facebook, other students started to set up their own pages and we ended up with at least 6 different donating sites. This worked out well as people could target their friends and family with their page and then bring all the money together afterwards to put towards the catalogue.

Screenshot (90)Screenshot (92)Screenshot (91)

The page I created ended up raising £175, with a family member of mine donating £20 in cash, so I managed to get well over my goal which I was really happy about. It was a fun experience being in charge of creating a page like this, and I have also designed invites to send out to those who donated which I enjoyed as I love designing things!

Thankyou to everyone who donated and I am now really looking forward to seeing the final exhibition and the finished catalogue!


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