Wedding Portfolio

A few weeks ago I met with David to discuss my wedding portfolio for submitting to the BIPP. We had a really useful chat and went through a sample of my images. David gave some good feedback and explained what worked and what didn’t in each of my images to help me decide which were the strongest ones to use in my submission. These are a few of David’s favourites…

Since meeting with David I have photographed 2 more weddings, but have not yet finished editing them. I hope to add some of these new images to my portfolio as I took into account David’s feedback while creating the work, so hopefully they will be a bit stronger than some of the older images I had in my portfolio before.

I have emailed David a test PDF of my current portfolio to see what his thought’s are on the sequencing so I am waiting to hear back from him about possibly meeting again to discuss the final submission. The deadline isn’t until 8th June so I still have a while to get things sorted – in the meantime I will continue editing the most recent wedding photos and also keep busy preparing for our final year hand in this Thursday!


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